Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Christmas Tradition

My first Christmas home from Georgia freshman year, I decided to have some friends over for a Christmas dinner and gift swap.  I have no idea why.  I guess I just thought it would be a fun way to get together and celebrate Christmas.  After all, I had just spent my first semester at UGA and I was extremely homesick that whole fall so any excuse for familiarity might have been the motivation.

I don't think any of us ever thought that night that we would continue this tradition, but here we are 13 years later.  When we started out, a few friends were still in high school, now marriage and children dominate the conversation.

Some friends have moved far away and are rarely in Tifton over Christmas.  Some friends have had parents move, so coming to Tifton over Christmas is out of the way.  However, we all look forward to it and even though some friends have missed years here and there, we always can look forward to seeing them next year.  

If we missed you this year, can't wait to see you on December 23, 2014!


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ho Ho Ho!!

So I didn't grow up going to see Santa.  (I actually asked my Mama recently just to make sure I wasn't blocking that out. She said we never did because our only option was the mall santa….Have you been to the Tifton Mall ever?? I don't blame her for not taking us).

That being said, I didn't care anything about taking Bo to see Santa.  It honestly really didn't cross my mind.  But Jay thought it would be fun.  Then I saw that they were having a Christmas festival at the Classic Center.  So I thought that would be fun!!  Christmas trees, ice skating, train ride, music, etc.  And of course….Santa!  I am not sure what was the best part….the fact that it was $3 or the fact that the line for Santa had 2 people in it!

Bo didn't sit there for long.  (Let's face it…he doesn't sit anywhere for long).  But the photographer was GREAT and got his attention long enough to snap a few pictures.  

I can't believe Christmas is LESS than a week away!!!  

Merry CHRISTmas y'all!!

I have all this room to run?

Let's go CeCe!!


(This is Bo's new pose)

Not sure how he feels

Taking off!!

Train Ride!!

Wait, is it leaving me??? 
(he actually did whine for a split second as it drove off)


Wait, who is this again?


He is okay... I guess...

Okay….can I get down now???

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thanksgiving, Christmas Tree Farm, and Decorating

I am playing catch up a little bit.  For Thanksgiving, we traveled to southwest Alabama to visit Jay mama's side of the family.  It is alway fun to see that group and stay with his cousin Jennifer and her sweet family.

Friday, we headed to Tifton to visit with Mama and Daddy for the weekend.  I love to help Mama decorate for Christmas.  Even though I don't live there anymore, I still think it is home.  Bo also got a visit in with his friend Collins Riddle.

Sunday, before we got home, we stopped at the Christmas tree farm for Bo to select his very first Christmas tree.  I think he would have taken any one of them!

Helping Daddy top the tree!

"See the star Bo?"

Bo was fascinated by the lights!

So you are telling me Santa 
fills these?

…. Come on!  Let's get 
em hung then!!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bo Turns 1

A year ago today I was huge….and ready not to be huge anymore.  I know everyone always says "I can't believe (insert name here) is already a year old."  But really….I can't believe Bo is already a year old.  

We had his first party Sunday and it was a blast!  Just watching him get into that cake!  He stuck his hands in at first and then just leaned over and started gnawing on it.  He LOVED it.  I mean what kid wouldn't???  All in all it was a great afternoon and we could not be more blessed with friends and family that love our baby boy!

It has been a wonderful year and we are so blessed for all of the memories we have made!!

Below are a ton of pictures…. HERE are more if you can't get enough!