Friday, January 31, 2014

Lately, January in Review

Because of my student teaching, blogging has taken a backseat.  I want to spend every moment with Bo and Jay when I get home.  Now that I am kinda in the grove of things, hopefully I can get stuff on here more often…for all 5 people that read it :).  

Here is some random January pictures!

New Years Day with Kendall!

Go Dawgs!!

Daddy putting my tractor together!


Is this how you sit in this chair?

Lazy Saturday!

Does this look good Mama?

Helping cook

Blankets are extra warm right out of the dryer

Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Year of the Gift that Jay Had to Assemble

This post is a little late……but to say again, we had such a blessed Christmas.  However, apparently it was the year of the big gift that Jay had to put together.  And note to anyone that loves Bo (Santa included), he has plenty of big toys with wheels now!!!  Why can't it be summer so we can use these outside???!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

First Day of School…For Us Both

Well, for those of you that don't know (not that that many people read this but….) I am finishing up my Masters degree.  I started it before I worked for the UGA Athletic department and picked it back up 2 years ago.  All I had left after having Bo were 2 courses (which I took in the spring right after Bo was born) and student teaching.  Jay and I decided to push student teaching to this spring so that I could be home with Bo for a year.  It was actually more Jay's idea, which I am very grateful for.  I cannot every replace the time that I had at home with Bo or be more thankful to my husband for letting me have that.

Anyhow, all that being said, I had to start student teaching on Monday.  Which means Bo had to start daycare.  We decided to send Bo to a church preschool 3 days a week and have Bo stay with Jay's mom the other 2 days.  I am really really sad.  I mean I have to get up so early that I leave before Bo wakes up!  (But then again….I don't have to take him to school which would be even more sad for me!)  It is good growing pains for both of us.  

So Monday was both Bo's first day of school and my first day of school!  Of course with the cold weather, school was cancelled today :)  But back to the grind tomorrow!  

Jay took a few pictures of his first day!

Ready to leave!  (sorry its blurry….)

Okay…so far so good!

But you are staying the whole time, right Daddy?  

Thursday, January 2, 2014


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!  The last 2 weeks has been crazy fun!  Here is the rundown:

December 23:  I left Jay and Bo, went to get my sweet Grandmama and drove to Tifton.  That evening was the Annual Christmas Dinner. 

December 24:  I had a lazy morning and jumped in the car to head to Lake Oconee.  The Berryman's and my baby boy were waiting on me.  We had a wonderful time celebrating with Jay's parents, sister, aunt, and uncle.  

December 25:  Santa came!!!  asdfasdf   Jay, Bo, and I drove to Tifton to celebrate with Worth, Ashley, Ellie, Emma, Mack, Sa, and Gramps.  Of course, Mama, Daddy, and Grandmama were already there. Ellie was the elf in charge and Emma assisted.  Both did a fabulous job, except Emma can't read so she just distributed gifts as she saw fit.  Really, whoever was close and made eye contact.  

December 26:   Lazy day in Tifton!

December 27:  Jay left REALLY early to head to Alabama to hunt with his dad and some clients.  Bo and I just enjoyed another day with Mia, EW, and Grandmama.

December 28-30:  Grandmama, Bo, and I headed back home Saturday.  It took me 3 days to get the house un-Christmased and gifts put away!

Jay got home the 30th and worked some on the 31st but other than we enjoyed ringing in the New Year together on our couch. 

I was a wonderful Christmas and know that as Bo gets older it will only get more exciting!!  

Disclaimer:  There are a bazillion pictures!  Skip if you must!!