Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend in Review

This past weekend Georgia was off and Jay and I had planned for WEEKS to NOT make plans for this weekend.  It was wonderful!

Friday, Jay worked from home.  That morning, as usual, Bo and I were playing in the living room.  The corner of our love seat and our couch are about 2 feet away from each other.  I decided to stand Bo up with his back to the couch and put an enticing toy on the edge of the love seat.

(Sidenote: Bo LOVES his push toy and has been in love with it for weeks...however, he walks on his toes with his heels off the ground while he pushes it.  I was thinking it would be forever before he took some steps.)

But he took the bait!  He would take step or two and fall to the love seat.  Then I would turn him around and he would go to the couch.  I called Jay in there and we just laughed at him.  He was loving it.

Then Friday night, Jay and I across from each other this started happening....

Saturday, Jay got up early and went hunting at the farm but was back by 11:00.  We just watched football all day, took a nap, and hung out.  It was wonderful.  As for Bo, he just got better at his new skill.  

He isn't to the place where he will walk on his own accord, but I am thinking here in a few weeks we have a boy that is ALL over the place.  

Sunday, I left Jay and Bo for a daddy/son day and headed to Greenville to help host a baby shower for my dear friend and college roommate Kendall.  What a wonderful day celebrating the soon to arrive Baby Kineard (they don't know the gender...yet).  Jay and I both cherish the friendship we have with Ryan and Kendall and are so excited for Bo and baby K to be buddies!!

Jay left this morning EARLY for Palm Beach, FL for work so Bo and I are packed up and ready to leave for Tifton tomorrow until Sunday.  Jay is coming down Friday for the weekend.  I am so excited to spend almost a full week at home!  (Yes, I still call it 'home').  

Until next time....

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

DIY High Chair Redo - Sand and Stain

I decided a while back I wanted a wooden high chair.  So then began the search.  A friend told me there was one at To the Moon in Tifton.  I didn't get it the first time I saw it (it was a little more than I wanted to spend).  Then they marked it down a little.  Still on the fence, I left it there.  After a bit I asked Mama to go get it for me.  It was in GREAT shape and sometimes you have to spend a little more to get exactly what you want.  It ended up, that Mama treated me!  Thanks Mia!

I did not like the color.  Yes, it would have been easier to just paint, but I really wanted to have a dark wood stained high chair.  I found this blog where she did the same thing.  She has the EXACT same high chair!

So let the sanding and stripping begin!  It was a TON of work sanding around those legs and back pieces.  And lets face it...everything is harder when you have very short windows of time to work on it (Bo really wanted to help but I didn't think a power sander and staining were skills he needed to master as a 9 month old).

This was the first time I have really sanded and stained on my own (without Jay's help) so there was a bit of a learning curve.  But I am SO glad I didn't give up and paint it.  I LOVE how it turned out.  I look forward to many meals being enjoyed in this!!


Sunday, October 20, 2013

Weekend in Review

Well, lets hear it for a lazy weekend (sort of) finally!!!  I already posted about our Friday afternoon activity.  Friday night, we were excited to stay in and watch the Louisville vs. Central Florida game.  For those of you that don't pay attention to football, Central Florida upset an undefeated Louisville with 23 seconds left on the clock.  We are so proud of coach Tyson Summers!!

On Saturday deer season opened.  A few weeks back, Jay and his dad went in together to purchase some land in Lincoln County.  I don't believe Bo and I will be spending much time down there this year, but it will be fun for Jay and Bo to bond in years to come.  Jay has set up some motion sensor cameras, so I have enjoyed looking through those :)

Saturday evening, I went to Terrapin Brewery and ate sushi to celebrate my friend Cassie's birthday while Jay and Bo had a boys night.  

Sunday, we laid around and spent a little time together before Jay had to leave to head to the airport.  We felt bad for missing church but Jay had to leave early and we are so blessed we have the oppurtunity to watch online whenever we can.  He is off to Washington DC for work until Wednesday.  Bo and I have a few days for some QT.  Hope y'all had a good weekend!

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Pumpkin Patch

This afternoon we went out to Washington Farms to the pumpkin patch.  They have a ton of fun things to do (corn maze, petting zoo, giant bounce houses etc) but it is like $12 bucks a person...and lets face it....what would Bo have done??  We opted for just the (free) pumpkin patch (other than the cost of the pumpkin), but look forward to coming years when Bo will enjoy the other fun activities.

Bo was so funny...he just looked around and stood staring at the pumpkins.  It is constantly amazing to watch him discover the world!!  After about 20 minutes of looking around he wanted to sit down and play in the dirt or chew on the pumpkin stem (see below)....so it was time to pick a pumpkin and go.   

I took a lot of pictures...skip if you must!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Throw Back Thursday

This Throwback Thursday is a throwback to when I was a flight attendant.  Flying was not always fun, but it did have its perks.  Like when I had overnights in cities where I knew people.  This is from when I had a layover in Newport News, VA in September 2007.  Uncle George, Aunt Sue, and Sarah came to get me and when rode up to Williamsburg, VA to see the sights.  Here are few pictures to remember it by :)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

10 Months and My Lack of Blogging

Its official...we are in double digits.  We have a 10 month old!  Crazy!

Apparently, it has been a busy month because I have barely put anything on the blog (sorry Mama).  So look for a few posts in the days to come as I play catch up.  I have hosted 2 baby showers and a wedding shower.  Between that and home football games, Jay and I have been running around crazy!  I have also worked some coaching, filling in for people at the gym so blogging has taken a back seat.  We are disappointed that the home games we have left aren't great, but then again it will be nice to just sit at home on a Saturday and watch football.  I actually did that this past weekend for the Missouri game.  Bo and I went to tailgate and then came back to the house....I am REALLY glad I did.  It is much easier just to change the channel :)  Plus my friend Cassie came over, so I got to visit and watch the game.

Below are lots of pics from the 10 Month photo session and some from the LSU game.  Skip if you like!


UGA vs. LSU Weekend

Emma getting some Mama love

Ellie dressing Bo

Emma pouting :)

Ellie 'reading' to Bo

Cousin Photo

Mia and EW checking out Mack

Saturday - Tailgating Time! 
Family Pic

Completely took this by accident...it was not posed.  Turned out hysterical!

Tift Sibling Picture

Bowers Sibling Picture

Mia and EW with there hands full of Grandbabies!