Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tift Green Weekend

This weekend Jay, Bo, and I traveled to Tifton for the Annual Tift Green tournament.  Just like last weekend, it was a crazy busy weekend!  This is the second year Jay has played in the tournament with Erick Willis.  We left Thursday afternoon and when we arrived my Aunt Sue and Uncle George (who always plays with my dad) from Virginia were already there.  The boys ran off to play a practice round while we got to catch up with Aunt Sue.  Friday, Worth came up and his friend/golf partner for the weekend, Todd (who lives in Savannah) also arrived, along with my cousin George and his wife Dena (who live on St. Simons).  The boys played another practice round.

The tournament was Saturday and Sunday.  Needless to say, none of the boys played great.  My dad and Uncle George came in 3rd, but all in all, not the best golfing.  However, Saturday the girls (and Bo) made a trip to Allen's Antiques in Moultrie.  Mama and I have wanted to go for a while, but we waited because we knew that Aunt Sue and Dena would enjoy it as well!  I bought an iron skillet and small wood bat for Bo and Aunt Sue and Dena found some fun stuff too.  Ashley brought the girls up for the day Saturday and the day Sunday and Gramps and Sa came to visit Sunday also.

As always, it was a blast hanging out with the folks from Virginia and having so much of the family together.  I so wish my cousin Sarah and her family could have made the trip with Uncle George and Aunt Sue.  Maybe next year :).  The weekend flew by and I missed out of seeing some good friends, but hope that I can catch them next time!

Just warning....lots of pictures!

Boys getting there clubs ready

Mia happy to see Bo!

Uncle George meeting Bo



Ellie loves her cousin Bo


Emma loving on Bo

My Mama taught Emma to say "2" when she is asked how old she is!

Happy girl!

Emma trying to do what Ellie does

Ellie's cartwheel

Emma's cartwheel...ha!


Bo taking it all in

Gramps getting some sweet love from Bo

Emma giving Bo sugars!

Sa's turn!

Ellie and Emma fighting

Ellie and Emma making up


This is Emma's hug when Ashley told her that Bo was to little to get steamrolled

Gramps getting Emma love

Happy boy seeing his daddy

So Bo really likes toys....

But after a few minutes he gets really mad he can't fit it in his mouth!  Ha!

We were so exciting Aunt Sue and Uncle Cousin George fell asleep

Sweet Aunt Sue playing with Bo

Cornhole takes lots of concentration

Emma enjoying the weather
Ellie and Emma playing cornhole with Uncle Jay

She put her own shoes on...

Mia hanging with Bo in the yard

A collage of the room

Thursday, April 18, 2013

4 Months Old and Masters Week

Last Thursday Bo was 4 months old!  Can't believe it!  We had a pretty hectic week so we actually cheated and took his 4 month picture Wednesday, because we were headed out of town.  Surely he didn't grow much overnight! Ha!  Here is a rundown of this past week.

Wednesday:  I left for the lake (Jay's parents have a lake house on Lake Oconee) and Mama, Daddy, and CeCe (Jay's mama) met me there.

Thursday: Bo is 4 months! Daddy, CeCe, Wayne and Kelli Dean, and I went to the Masters.  Mama stayed back at the lake with Bo.  Worth and Ashley drove to the lake that afternoon.  Sadly, they left the girls in Tifton with Ashley's parents but I know it was easier for them!

Friday:  Worth, Ashley, Mama, Daddy, and I went to the Masters and CeCe stayed with Bo.  Jay and Big Jim (Jay's Daddy) flew back from Vegas and met us at the lake.

Saturday:  Bo and I drove back to Athens.  Mama, Daddy, Worth, and Ashley headed back home.  Jay went to the tournament with some buddies.  Saturday night we went to the Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean concert at Sanford Stadium with some friends.  Not a huge fan of either, but it was fun.  

Sunday:  Jay and I met our friends Kendall and Ryan Kineard at the tournament.  Our friends James and Elizabeth McGee also got some badges last minute so we had a good time catching up.  

All in all, it was a fun week but exhausting!  It was also the most I have been away from my child, which wasn't so much fun.  We welcomed a relaxing week.  We are headed to Tifton this weekend for another tournament, the Tift Green at Spring Hill.  Should be fun!

Below are just some snapshots from this month!

I love my feet!!

Trying to get to my toy.

Passed out....I put him on his back but he rolls over, so stomach sleeping it is!


Sporting the hat CeCe gave me!

Enjoying some warmer weather.


First walk turned around like a big boy!

Watching Daddy practice.

Happy Boy!

Here is a video of a few new activities that Bo has taken up!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Easter Weekend

"Up from the grave He AROSE!" we sang on Sunday morning.  Easter is a reminder of what our Lord did for us.  As I have experienced these last few months with a baby boy, I can't help but imagine our Lord entering this world in the same way.  He made himself a helpless baby boy and grew up relying on Mary and Joseph.  

Jay, Bo, and I had a wonderful Easter weekend in Tifton.  We drove down Friday in time for Jay and Daddy to get in a practice round (the Tift Green is coming up in a few weekends).  Saturday Worth came up, to get in another practice round, and brought the girls.  Bo wasn't sure what to think but he enjoyed watching them run around and play.  Sunday we went to church.  I took Bo to the nursery which was the first time I had left him with anyone I didn't know.  It was a long church service!!  Sa and Gramps came over for lunch and we had a wonderful afternoon with family.  What a blessed way to celebrate our RISEN LORD!!

Group Picture
Family Picture
In the car, ready to head to Tifton!
Getting sweet love from Emma!
Boys ready for a practice round...getting ready for the Tift Green
Enjoying the south Georgia sunshine
As my Mama said...it looks like they are plotting...
Cousin Love
Sweet kisses
Ellie checking Bo out
More sweet love
Emma playing a little music for Bo
I love my EW!
Ellie and Emma played dress up with Bo....
Okay, they are playing with me so maybe the ears aren't that bad...