Thursday, August 29, 2013


Jay and I used the outdoor cushions to make a 'play pen'.

Avocados make GREAT hair gel!

Bo also thinks that reading is much more enjoyable from inside the book basket.

Crawling through the coffee table.

Grumpy boy one night last week.  He just moaned and whined for about an hour.

Bo woke up a little early the other morning so Jay brought him to me.  I needed just a minute to wake up and get going so I tried to just hold Bo and let him snuggle (which HE NEVER tolerates).  That morning, however, he passed out and we both got a few more minutes of sleep!

Someone does NOT want to nap.

Daddy and Bo!  (notice the red scrap on his chin)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

It's a.......BOY???!!!!

On Tuesday night, Ashley went into labor.  It was finally time and we were all waiting to hear the news.  First, the news of a healthy baby, but second.....is the baby a boy or girl???

I have to admit, I wanted it to be a boy.  I wanted my brother to have a son, Ashley to experience being a 'boy mom', my son to have a boy cousin, Ellie and Emma to have a brother, and of course, to have the Bowers name carried on to the next generation.  But I have a confession though.  As much as I wanted it to be a boy I just knew it was going to be a girl.

So I decided around our beach trip in July that I needed to just begin believing it was a girl.  I even starting calling her baby Eve (to my mama and Jay) because I knew if I could convince myself it was a girl, I wouldn't be disappointed come August.

So Tuesday night, the wait began.

I told my brother I was praying for them and that I would be up until about midnight waiting to hear.  Otherwise, I look forward to getting a text message with the news.

Of course I couldn't sleep!!!  I finally dosed off and around 3:00am I hear Bo talking in his room.  He wasn't crying, so I didn't go in there but it was enough stirring to wake me up.  Sure enough, about a minute later, I got this text...

Yes, I saw where my mom wrote 'he' but I still didn't believe it.  Bo knew what was happening, but I needed confirmation :)  I was in disbelief.  It was a boy!!!!  Shortly after that we received a message from Ashley also with his name and stats.

We are BEYOND excited about Mack and look forward to watching him grow up!  Below are a few....okay a LOT of pictures from the weekend.


Grandma and Papa getting love

Big Sister Ellie gets a turn!

Family Picture

Everyone trying to see

Emma is thrilled

Sweet big sister

My first time to get love

Cousin facetime to give Bo an update


Hurry and finish lunch!  Baby Mack is on the way!

Unhappy the car stopped

Ellie trying to comfort

So proud!

And of course....Freddie is COMPLETELY unimpressed...