Sunday, December 14, 2014

Busy Week

We had a busy week this week with fun Christmas Activities.  Pardon the long post.  

TUESDAY:  The school that Bo goes to is a church and the church put on a live nativity Tuesday night.  They have had a stuffed camel outside of Bo's school every day since Thanksgiving with a countdown.  Bo LOVES that camel.  We invited our small group and we to dinner downtown afterwards.  Bo loved the animals, especially the mini donkey (poor guy) and the "sheep baaa".  

THURSDAY:  Thursday was the BIG day.  Two years ago, this sweet boy came into the world!  He is full of energy and he is tenderhearted and thoughtful.  Although, right on time, he has really learned how to use the word no this week.  He is talking up a storm.  We won't go for his 2 year check up until Banks decides to arrive so I don't have stats.  

We started the day with candles in our breakfast.  Jay and I wanted to do something fun with him as a family since it might be the last time its just the three of us.  Since we can't go far, we took him to Pump It Up.  Sadly, we go there and the first thing he saw was the Cozy Coop.  After that, he wanted nothing to do with the blow ups.  At least it was only $6.

That night we had a small family gathering with Jay's parents, aunt, uncle, sister, and new cousin, James.  We also had the Deans over.  Bo had a blast.  What a 2 years!!

SUNDAY:  Today, we got up, went to church and headed to the Classic Center Christmas.  They have ice skating, Santa, a train, and other fun things for kids.  Of course, all Bo is old enough to do is Santa and the train.  One he loved, one he didn't :)  Needless to say, I hope the big guy sees that he really is a sweet boy.  

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December is Here!

Well, needless to say I didn't do a good job blogging this year.  Between student teaching, starting a new job, throwing up for 3 months (pregnancy), selling one house, moving into a new house, and chasing a toddler, blogging hasn't been a priority.  But maybe 2015 will be better?  


It's FINALLY here!!  Christmas time!  But more importantly, time for the arrival of baby Berryman #2.  Banks will hopefully arrive any day now.  We just had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my parents, Jay's parents, aunt, uncle, and sister (and her new baby), and my grandmama.  Since I am past the point of being able to travel, it was fun to host everyone at our house this year.  Then, on Friday, we went and got the tree.  Bo still doesn't really know what is going on but I think once wrapping paper starts ripping, he will catch on pretty quick :)

How about this one???

Dad's cutting it down Mama!!  

And the final touch!!!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Back...for Good

Well I have taken a break from blogging.  Not on purpose…but I had to student teach for 3 months to finish my graduate degree and my time was so limited.  Somethings just had to give….blogging was one of them.

We are so blessed that I got offered a part time, very flexible job that I started today!  I am so thankful and we are excited at this new opportunity.  

I have put some pictures from the last few weeks.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ice, Snow, and an Earthquake

I had to go to work on Monday, but knew that the weather could get bad.  The possibility of getting 1 or 2 days at home with Bo was fabulous.  Well, turns out I got Tuesday - Friday off!  My mama said I was lucky….I said God knows what we can handle and he knew I needed some quality time with my little guy!  We had the best week!

The ice (yes frozen rain…not sleet) started falling on Tuesday and it continued off and on until sometime in the night early Thursday morning.  As I said in the last post, Jay ran a few errands Tuesday to get ready and we already had gone to the grocery store.

Thankfully, we never lost power, but it was really nasty out.  We finally ventured out Thursday for a walk and a trip to the Academy even though we needed nothing.  Bo fell first thing Tuesday morning and got a nice little goose egg on his head…boys...

Then Friday night, we are watching the Olympics.  Jay had just fallen asleep on the couch and I felt this crazy vibrating.  I thought I had overloaded the washer or something then I realized that I hadn't run a load of clothes.  Then I paused the TV because it sounded like a helicopter was right over our house.  By the time I had done that it had stopped.  I didn't think much of it, although the thought of an earthquake did cross my mind.  I quickly dismissed it because…really…in Georgia??  About 2 minutes later I got a few texts and then saw on Facebook that I was not crazy.  Of course both boys slept right through it….

This weekend we enjoyed some family time, catching up on things around the house.  Today we took a walk through 5 points and let Bo run around at the intermural fields.  

Hope y'all had a good week!
The ice starts falling…

Bo's goose egg

Blowing up the air mattress in case the electricity goes out and we have to camp in the living room by the fire!
Marshmallows in honor of snow day!

Snow day means I can sleep in and snuggle with Mama

This stuff again??

Walk in the snow!

Trip to Academy to get out of the house!

Busy busy busy

Bo sleeping the night of the earthquake

Catching up on some reading