Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December is Here!

Well, needless to say I didn't do a good job blogging this year.  Between student teaching, starting a new job, throwing up for 3 months (pregnancy), selling one house, moving into a new house, and chasing a toddler, blogging hasn't been a priority.  But maybe 2015 will be better?  


It's FINALLY here!!  Christmas time!  But more importantly, time for the arrival of baby Berryman #2.  Banks will hopefully arrive any day now.  We just had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my parents, Jay's parents, aunt, uncle, and sister (and her new baby), and my grandmama.  Since I am past the point of being able to travel, it was fun to host everyone at our house this year.  Then, on Friday, we went and got the tree.  Bo still doesn't really know what is going on but I think once wrapping paper starts ripping, he will catch on pretty quick :)

How about this one???

Dad's cutting it down Mama!!  

And the final touch!!!

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